The Fastest Way To Turn Sneakers To Cash

Our mission is to provide a seamless sneaker-trading experience for everybody while maintaining a high standard of fair trade in the shortest time possible.

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Air Jordan Price Index

See how much your sneakers are worth! 13,500+ Air Jordan sneakers on our database, with resale data updated daily.

Guided Photography

It's easy! Just follow the guided photography prompts, and we will do the rest!

AI image generation

Share professional-looking advertisements for your sneakers with potential buyers.

Buy, Bid or Sell

It's up to you! Post your sneakers for auction, set your ideal asking price, or both!

Customer Protection

Customer protection is our priority. All payments are held in our Stripe platform account until the trade is successfully complete!

Tracked Shipping

All mailed items must be delivered with tracking to avoid any uncertainties. Of course, face-to-face exchanges can be arranged too.

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